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in and around Manchester from £190

Why PowerFlush with MK Plumbing LTD?

Cold spots in radiators

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Radiator cold at the bottom

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Radiator cold at the top

Blocked pipes and valves due to sludge or lime scale

Banging noises from the boiler


Noisy pipes due to restrictions

Boiler cutting out due to damaged or blocked pump

Do the above symptoms sound familiar?

MK Plumbing LTD was founded under the belief that reliability and efficiency is the greatest priority. Any callouts received will get a response within 1 hour (usually instantly or within 5-10 minutes in daytime hours.

Every customer will be provided with a certificate of the PowerFlush service in accordance with British Standards.

We also provide a free of charge brief risk assessment of your heating system.

The prices are fixed with no hidden costs.

With this affordable, very quick and reliable service you will have a much more efficient system than you had before. Many customers have also found that their heating bills dramatically reduced. This is because our machines fill your entire heating system removing sludge  thus providing your house or workplace with much more heat.

How does it work?

Our PowerFlush machine uses polar magnetic energy inside the device which traps  dust, dirt, and sludge clogging up in your radiators and heating system. Our highly efficient PowerFlush equipment can rapidly circulate chemical descalers and inhibitors throughout your entire heating system in your house within a few hours. The PowerFlush machine uses pumped boiling hot water which will ensure your radiators are sterilised and cleaned thoroughly allowing your system to run smoothly.

We provide all the equipment, and we only request an open window or door to allow us to flush your system to the nearest drain.

If you would like a quote get in touch with us using the form below.

Why is there sludge in the radiator?

The older your central heating system is, the more likely it is you have sludge in your radiators.


Blocked radiators increase your heating bills, as your heating system has to work harder to warm your home. Sludge can also damage your boiler, heat pump and valves.

Radiator sludge is a mixture of dirt and rust. This builds up over time and gathers at the bottom of your radiators. (1)

The sludge stops hot water flowing through your system properly. This creates cold areas on your radiator. (2)

Other areas of the radiator are unaffected by the sludge and warm up as normal. (3)

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