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About MK Plumbing LTD

Contact details:

07956525252       0161 241 9877      mkplumbingltd@aol.com      info@mkplumbingltd.com

365 days per year                        24 hours                        7 days a week

From immediate leaks and assistance required to simple questions, call us or contact us, and we will give you a response within 2 hours of your contacting. 

“What does MK Plumbing LTD cover?”

MK Plumbing LTD covers a range of services which may be useful to you. We are based in Whitefield, Manchester, but cover the whole of Manchester and have traveled distances up to, but not limited to, Liverpool and more. We will immediately take action once we receive news from any calls – being a few questions about a new boiler, or a sudden leak which could cause immense damage. MK Plumbing LTD will apprehend all problems and inquiries with priority, and you can rely on our 24 hour call out service.

For a full list of all our services we provide, simply visit the “Services” tab above. 

“Reliability, Consistency and Reliable Rates”

MK Plumbing LTD, since day one, has always kept the price as the most important function of the company. We believe that customers are entitled to the most efficient and up-to-date equipment in their houses, work spaces, restaurants, offices, schools and the list goes on. We keep the prices to the minimum possible and allow the customer’s to see for themselves the prices straight from the buyer. Therefore clearly illustrating the prices for exactly what you’re getting done and nothing more.

We have a correlation of incredible outcomes and speed with our customers. Both of which are completed to the maximum and most quickest time period. We know people in their day-to-day life have many things to take care of, therefore we know the speed of which the jobs must be completed. You are also entitled to a one year’s warranty with certain items, allowing any future problems to be tackled even quicker.